For Funeral Homes and Crematories:

If you are interested in offering our memorial portraits to your families, please email us at info@iconsinash.com and include your business name, address, phone number, and contact person or call 917 932 4999 for more information (no inventory, space, time, or effort.) We will provide free brochures, sale kits and more.


For Private Requests:

Please visit our FAQ page were we listed answers to all questions you might have regarding commissioning a memorial portrait, but please feel free to email us at info@iconsinash.com or call 917 932 4999, if you have still questions.

If you wish to commission a portrait, please email us at info@iconsinash.com and include your name, address, and phone number, or call 917 932 4999 and we will ship you a mailing kit with detailed instructions that will insure a safe, easy, and efficient means of sending the ashes to us. Each order is tracked using your order number, your name, and the name of your beloved one (and in case a funeral home or crematory referred you to us, please provide us with their name and address as well)

Depending on the technique you choose, you will receive your portrait in 2 to 6 weeks by mail (or you can pick it up at Ubu Gallery in NYC, or from your funeral home, or crematory.) Hand-delivery is an option as well.