I felt enthusiastic when I first saw the original portrait of my mother. I had seen the art work before in an email, but seeing the original touched me to the core. The mosaic portrait looks exactly as the photo I gave to Heide, it’s amazing! Just absolutely perfect! And to live with my mother's embodied portrait is really different: I put the photo in a place where I can see it first thing in the morning and I say „good morning“ and it makes me feel wonderful. It didn’t change my relationship to my mother, because I was always very close to her, but I feel her presence more than before and I feel thankful and it makes me happy to have her back in this beautiful portrait.
Isabelle Baumann (daughter of Germaine Alice Alphonsine Charbonneau. To see her portrait, please go to "Products" and click on "Portraits")


Heide Hatry’s portraits in ash of my father and younger brother are so beautiful and moving. It’s difficult to express the connection one feels with their images knowing that part of their essence is utilized in creating them. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, there is something quite poetic and enriching. The moments I spend with their images are like a prayer in the most open, honest, and connected sense of that act.
Mark Petracca (son of Joseph Petracca and brother of David Petracca. To see their portraits, please go to "Products" and click on "Portraits")


I don’t know how you did that.  Although the portrait of my mother is just like the photograph, it has an energy or a presence that no photograph ever has.  It’s magical.
Thank you so very much!


I cried when I got the portrait of my daughter. It was like she had come home, and every time I look at her I am astonished at how close I feel.  It’s been a beautiful and life-changing experience - so hard to express how it feels.
Elizabeth Brown (mother of Tasia Brown)

I met Heide at a book launch in the beginning of 2017, where I told her the story of my son. We started an email conversation over several months and it was incredibly affecting.  I wanted the life-size Mosaic Portrait, but I couldn’t afford it so she offered me the cheaper Cinerary Photo Portrait. I liked the texture and depth of the mosaic so much more that she offered to make me a very small size portrait, which she usually doesn’t do, and it was affordable and beautiful. I am so happy that I met her. I referred her to a friend of mine, and she wanted a big Mosaic Portrait but was nervous about spending so much money not knowing if she would like the result. I vouched for Ms Hatry. She is 100% reliable. She tells you what she can do and then she does exactly that. All of the examples she showed me were amazing, and every one of them had a special individual quality, like a personality, that I can’t imagine how she creates.
I am completely impressed by her work and would trust her with anything.

Michael Stuart