Ash-Transfer Portrait
Ash-Transfer Portrait

Sample portrait shown here

Ash-Transfer Portrait

Our exclusive patent transfer process was perfected over years of experimentation: We create a subtly textured surface made from a large number of particles of the cremated remains of your beloved, on which we then transfer the portrait image. This way it becomes an enduring work of art that transcends the mere image: The portrait IS your beloved, in the most powerful, and fundamental sense.

  • Contained in a secure and elegant wooden shadow-box frame equipped with glare-free museum quality glass
  • Requires approximately three weeks to complete and return

What We Need:

  • A small amount of cremated remains (about two ounces)
  • A photograph

Guidelines for Selecting your photograph:

  • Photo can be an image at any age in their life
  • The face needs to be fairly prominent
  • Please choose a profile or frontal portrait
  • There should be background space around the head
  • Mouth should be closed
  • Must be a high resolution image (300dpi)
  • Image must be the same size as the portrait you select

Regular price $650.00
*If you are interested in a portrait but are unable to pay the full amount. Please contact us about alternative payment options.