We offer a completely hand-made realistic portrait in a black, white, and grey palette, made out of the ashes of your beloved. Over a lengthy period of experimentation, Heide Hatry has developed a process, in which the loose ash particles are affixed to a substrate upon which they rest gently, until, through several applications a rich and textured likeness is achieved. Her portraits convey an intensely personal, beautiful, and eloquent sensation, akin in their materiality to Buddhist sand paintings, the often memorializing work of the artist Anselm Kiefer, or the sfumato technique of Gerhard Richter's photo paintings of the 1960s.

John Bernard Boxer

Roberto Guerra

Marie Smith

David A. Petracca

Germaine A.A. Charbonneau

Joseph Petracca

Evelyn Marranca

Paul Schmid

Pearl Rosenberg

James Otis Purdy

Holly Barnes

Lena Sereda

The portraits are presented in deep shadow-boxes (11 x 14 x 3 inches, which can be equipped to contain the remainder of the ashes if so desired).

Requires 1-2 ounces of ashes, and a portrait photo.